Here’s what people are saying about The Hurried Woman:

"This is an informative, easy to read book which targets important issues that women of all ages face."
- Jane. A. Angel, MD (Ob/Gyn)

"I love your common sense, easy access approach to these frequent life problems. So many of my patients will be helped!"
- Bert Brown, MD (Internal Medicine)

"Interesting enough for a man, but made for a woman!"
- N. Jeff Alford, MD (Internal Medicine)

"A very easy-to-read guide for living in today’s fast-paced society. . . A woman’s survival guide for life in the fast lane . . ."
- Bob Meier, PhD (Licensed Psychologist and Assistant Clinical Professor
University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston, Texas)

"Entertaining, readable! Hits a home run as to the diagnosis and treatment of the most common complaints I hear day in and day out. Great job! Thanks. "
- Richard L. Meyers, MD (Ob/Gyn, Jacksonville, Florida)

"This book is right on target in dealing with what a large percentage of women I see are going through. I think women will find this very helpful and also make them realize how widespread this situation is."
- Lynn Swygert, MD (OB/Gyn, Dallas, TX)

" I think the book was insightful — common sense — but sometimes reenforcement helps! My husband enjoyed the financial chapter!"
- Nicolle Hollier, MD (Ob/Gyn, Baton Rouge, LA)

"Congratulations on writing such a good book, The Hurried Woman. I feel it covers problems voiced by numerous women and it should prove helpful to both patients and physicians. I will recommend the book to my patients."
- Robert Franklin, MD (Clinical Professor of Ob/Gyn, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX)

"This book is ‘the’ book I would recommend to most of my patients. I found it very user-friendly, educational, and right on target. . . My wife loved it!"
- Robert Stager, MD (Ob/Gyn Faculty, Medical College of Georgia)

"I was pleasantly surprised that despite the obvious gender differences between Dr. Bost and I, we counsel our patients very similarly. His words confirmed the approach of my practice. This is needed material for the average woman."
- Lindy Harrell, MD (Ob/Gyn, Georgia)

"Finally, someone has identified the most common complaints of the American female and prescribed a reasonable, life-changing cure!"
- Gary Madden, MD (Ob/Gyn, Midland, TX)

"You wrote this book about me! I was afraid I was the only woman who felt "hurried" — could never get enough done in one day. You just threw this drowning woman a lifeline — a life line to getting back to happiness."
- Melissa K. Ames, RN

"Great book! The information was very useful and informative. Your use of humor made the book very entertaining and easy to read."
- Jean Henderson

"A common sense approach to life’s everyday stresses."
- Danette Alford, RN

" Well-written and interesting. Helpful information that should be read by all women."
- Raymond McHenry, PhD

" Takes a potentially awkward and embarrassing topic, adds a good bit of humor to practical personal advice. Very well done. Helpful and fun to read."
- Cheri Cook



The Hurried Woman Syndrome | available march 15, 2005
isbn: 0071445773
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