A new disorder is affecting American women in epidemic proportions. "The three most common troubles my patients complain about are not pregnancy, bleeding and pain, as my formal medical training had led me to believe," explains obstetrician-gynecologist Brent Bost. The most common complaints, according to the physician, are:
  • Fatigue (Take a Mood Assessment Quiz)
  • Weight Gain
  • Low Sex Drive
  • One or more of these symptoms affects more than 50 million American women, annually.

    What's the common cause behind what Dr. Bost tags the 'hurried woman syndrome'? Stress-that's usually self-inflicted.

    Syndrome sufferers fall between the ages of 25 and 55 and are typically raising, what the doctor calls, at least one 'anti-adult' (child).

    The Cure

    In The Hurried Woman, Dr. Bost offers millions of women who suffer with fatigue, low mood, weight problems and a disappointing sex life an integrated plan for regaining lost energy, succeeding at long-term weight management and improving their love life both in and out of the bedroom.

    "Women don't believe me at first when I tell them how important it is to simplify their lives," says the physician/author. "The good news is they usually get it right with their next marriage."

    The father of four speaks from first-hand experience: "The syndrome almost killed my poor wife-and our marriage."

    Just What the Doctor Ordered

    More than 1300 physicians have read The Hurried Woman, and the reviews are in:
    "Hits a home run as to the diagnosis and treatment of the most common complaints I hear day in and day out." Richard L. Meyers, M.D., Jacksonville, Florida

    "I will recommend the book to my patients." Robert Franklin, M.D., Baylor College of Medicine

    "Finally, someone has identified the most common complaints of the American female and prescribed a reasonable, life-changing cure!" Gary Madden, M.D., Midland, Texas
    The 'cure', in The Hurried Woman, is flavored with plenty of real-life examples, a good dose of humor and a touch of spirituality.


    Review copies of The Hurried Woman are available upon request.





    The Hurried Woman Syndrome | available march 15, 2005
    isbn: 0071445773
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