The Hurried Woman is laid out in four sections. The first section discusses the effects of "hurry" or stress on the modern woman and how it attacks her physically leading to fatigue, mood problems and even depression.

In the second section, the many facets of weight gain and how it can be caused by, and contribute to, problems in the other two areas of the Hurried Woman Syndrome, are explored. I also lines-out a very sensible approach to losing weight, and keeping it off, that works — for the long run.

Sex will be the topic of the third section. Don’t skip over and read it first — that would be cheating! Plus, you really need to read the first section to fully understand the third, so be patient. I also encourage you to have your husband read this section. Even though he may suffer from Osteocephaly (from osteo = bone and cephalos = head, i.e., bonehead!), it will help him to better understand your needs and hopefully make your love life as a couple more satisfying. Actually, I encourage husbands to read the whole book, but good luck with that one! Most men can’t stay awake through the Sunday comics much less a book on women’s problems.

The fourth and final section will attempt to "tie-it-all-together" and make sense out of the first three parts. Additionally, the last section will also offer suggestions to take the hurry out of your life and allow the joy back in. I encourage you to spend some quality time looking at the last section because minimizing stress and learning to cope with it more effectively is the best treatment for the Hurried Woman Syndrome.

Each of the first three section ends with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to topics in that section. I recommend that you study these questions and the responses given as they may make more sense to you than the textbook approach the chapters take. You may even find that someone else has already asked your question. This should make it easier to come away with something that’s helpful to you.

After reading the titles of each section, you may not feel that all four of them apply to you. However, I think you’ll find useful information in each one. You may be shocked to find that you actually do have symptoms in each of the three symptom areas and hopefully, also be able to see that these problems are really interrelated. Besides, knowing all about the Hurried Woman Syndrome may enable you to help a friend or family member who comes complaining to you about struggling with the symptoms of the syndrome

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The Hurried Woman Syndrome | available march 15, 2005
isbn: 0071445773
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